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Welcome to DIGITALSTRIKE.eu Pilots! This website hosts modded aircrafts, very high resolution skins, cockpits, pilots, weapons and other files for Third Wire Productions flight simulators series. Each aircraft has its own page, where you will find the modded aircraft, all the skins and other related files. Easykill


What's NEW !

March 1, 2007

DIGITALSTRIKE presents: the F105D-25RE THUNDERCHIEF Vietnam War Skins and the updated F-105D-25RE pack to version 2.1!

I really love this aircraft. Pilots said it was like flying with a cadillac. I'm pleased to release these skins, that represent a complete history of this aircraft through the early years of the Vietnam War. I did a research on books and on the web, trying to collect as many information as possible on Thunderchief's Squadrons, their markings and combat deployment history. I hope you'll like my work! Easykill

25 new high resolution skins (2048x2048) for all the USAF Combat Squadrons deployed to Southeast Asia, from late 1964 to late 1965. The updated F-105D-25RE pack version 2.1 has new weathering, better decals, tuned squadron colors and new details added to the skins!

Clik on the image for direct link to F-105D-25RE download page or click HERE.




January 22, 2007

DIGITALSTRIKE, with permission of Third Wire Productions, presents: the F105D-25RE THUNDERCHIEF.

After a great suggestion given to me by Streak Eagle, the author of some of the best high resolution F-4 cockpits (available at www.combatace.com) I worked on the data file, adding "ghost" weapon pylons for each of the 3D meshes that I wanted to remove. In this way the "new" F-105D-25RE doesn't display, under the nose, the RHAW system and the strike camera, the antennas under the fuselage, the RHAW antenna on the trailing edge of the tail and the two air scoops on each side of the fuselage. The aircraft has a new "pylon" on the loadout screen, without weapons to load. You should leave this "as it is", this is a "ghost" weapon pylon! I changed the center line weapons station load limit, now slightly increased, so the aircraft can carry 6 M117 bombs. All the navigation lights now works, even for night flying. In the cockpit, from external view, the green light of the radar scope illuminates, with a pale green light, the pilot body and helmet. Aircrafts now have serial numbers on the nose (the FH-serials) and a new weapons loadout .ini file. Not last, now the aircraft has opening canopy from external view! This is a stand alone aircraft that doesn't overwrite your stock F-105D installation. The skin comes from a new 2048x2048 high resolution template, with all reworked panel lines and many new details added, like cockpit, high res pilot seat and more. The main colours of the skins are the Aluminum FS17178 and the Olive Drab FS34087 with correct FS RGB values according to www.simmerspaintshop.com FS color chart. All credits for the original F-105D stock 3D model go to Third Wire Productions. Easykill

Clik on the image for direct link to F-105D-25RE download page or click HERE.


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